Australian Poetry Journal

Australian Poetry Journal, contains a veritable who’s who of Australian poets. However, this doesn’t mean that the journal is part of the poetry gangland to which some other contemporary Australian journals belong. This is a testament to editor, Bronwyn Lea, who must disappoint many poets – possibly even poet friends or acquaintances – in order to maintain the journal’s impressively high standard.

Dr Cassandra Atherton, Deakin University

‘Chiaroscuro in Australian Poetry’, Australian Book Review (April 2013)


Australian Poetry Journal, the biannual publication published by Australian Poetry, offers a national focus for poetry and criticism. It includes contributions from established writers and from new voices. All in all, APJ indicates a cheering and cohering centre of gravity for all things poetic in contemporary Australia.

Dr Rose Lucas, Monash University

‘A Cheering Centre of Gravity’, Australian Book Review (Dec-Jan 2012)

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