From Icelandic Solitaries to A Fold in the Light, this book brings together a selection of Alan Gould’s finest poems spanning three decades. In this compilation of older and newly revised poems, Gould demonstrates that mastery of cadence and narrative style which has formed his moving body of work. These poems feature natural and personal subjects as well as dramatic formal experiments. They speak a language energized by psychological and historical necessity, yet chart that plane of metaphysical wondering – restive, delicate, haunting – which accords with our own experience. ‘One of Australia’s finest contemporary poets’ – The Oxford Companion to Australian Literature ‘Gould compels a close reading; he provokes quotation; he encourages thought; he rewards the flexible ear and the remembering eye’ – Vernon Young, Parnassus: Poetry In Review ‘The distinctive qualities of his voice are admirable ones. The rich aural texture of his lines, his firmly handled verse-forms, and the scope of his diction all indicate an uncommon dedication to the craft of poetry’ – Gary Catelano, The Age

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